Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The SSLCM is rooted in the doctrine of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and responds accordingly to the love of the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It recognizes and accepts the teachings of The Book of Concord and will solemnly abide by the truths of the Holy Scripture. We hold in highest regard The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ when he stated "...Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit..." (Matthew 28:19)


As planting churches has always been intentional strategy for the LCMS mission around the world, the SSLCM is committed to follow the example of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and its commitment to plant churches and build a global mission. By the grace of God, we are prayerfully committing to accomplish the following during a 10 year period (2014-2024):

  1. Establish a new Mission Headquarter in Mareng, Jonglei State and conduct annual training sessions for church leaders throughout South Sudan. A mission training program will be developed and coordinated through the Mission Headquarters in Louisville, KY.
  2. Open three (3) new Mission Centers in the following states: Upper Nile, Lake, and Central Equatoria.
  3. Plant and develop 40 new congregations across the country.
  4. Translate Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation, the Large Catechism, the Augsburg Confession, and other books which are accepted as essential for teaching into the Dinka language and to other dialects of those who may accept our teachings. Those selected to the translating team must be qualified and work in accordance with the translations that are selected.
  5. The South Sudan Lutheran Church Mission will invest in the future by offering its youth proper training and education. This strategy will be achieved by building one school in South Sudan with a combined Middle and High School that will serve the most vulnerable and underpriviliged children in the country such as orphans, abandoned children, and children who parents' live under abject poverty. This ministry will demonstrate how the SSLCM is a caring church body with a mission that spreads the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and gives hope to the suffering and destitute.
  6. The SSLCM will seek partnerships with other Non-Profit organizations which are directly or indirectly working with the LCMS to help empower the people of South Sudan to build self-reliance. This can be achieved by offering opportunities to learn new skills in various trades and fields of livelihood.


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